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2014 Pest Control Products for Ontario Hops

By: Melanie Filotas – IPM Specialist | OMAF/MRA | ONspecialtycrops | May 15,2014

Back by popular demand is a list of pest control products registered for use on commercial hops in Ontario, updated for 2014. This list indicates all products (conventional or organic) currently registered on hops in Ontario.   Based on growers requests, for 2014 I have included two additional tables for growers, summarizing the Ontario Classification for each registered product, as well as the registrant for each product and their contact information.  Note that growers wishing to apply Class 2 and 3 pest control products must be certified through the Grower Pesticide Safety Course.

In this table the chemical family of each product is indicated in brackets under its trade name. Pest control products are grouped into families by mode of action to aid in resistance management. There is always the potential for pest populations to become resistant to pest control products with repeated use. To delay this, avoid constantly applying products from the same chemical family. Instead, alternate between products with different chemical family numbers.

There has been a lot of work in recent years to pursue additional registrations, so stay tuned.   Currently there are 12 active Minor Use projects underway for hops – 2 for downy mildew, 2 for mites, 1 for powdery mildew, 1 for caterpillars, 3 for weeds, 1 for aphids, 1 for aphids/leafhoppers, and 1 for aphids/powdery mildew.  Of these, three are potentially acceptable for organic production.

Any new registrations for hops will be posted on this blog as they are announced.

For a PDF of the list, click the link below:

Hops Pesticides 2014

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